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Download Stache for Mac 1. 2. 1

Download Stache for Mac 1.2.1

Download Stache for Mac 1.2.1

Mjmsmith Mar 10 Don’t waste your money. Dan-D Dec 6 Ok, I gave up.

May 20, · Download Stache for macOS or later and enjoy it on your Mac. ‎Stache makes it quick and easy to collect and re-discover pages you find useful, interesting or inspiring, in a beautiful, visual and fully searchable library/5(8). Sep 19, · So I did the download to a Macbook Pro, and copied the file to a thumbdrive. The next steps are to copy it onto the Mac Pro’s harddrive, connect the Mac Pro to the internet, run the program by double clicking it, and then follow the directions given by the program with respect to the Mac . Oct 18, · Baixar Stache gratuitamente Stache para Mac OS X. Stache está disponível como um download gratuito na nossa biblioteca de programas.

I lost my entire collection due to sync problems. This is so frustrating! Hundreds of links i collected for professional and personal use — just gone! Dan-D Oct 14 Please Help! I lost my complete collection!

Download HackStore for Mac —

Sync between iOS-Devices still works, tho Emailed the support weeks ago, multiple times, but no answer or help at all. The so-called Support-Website does not look very active either. Just one comment from a guy who also lost his entire collection, actually Is this App abandoned? Also, is there some way to contact the developer directly? Like, without signing up or creating yet another account just to be able to post a question and to get help?

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The interface is great and this app shows a huge potential, lacks basic features tough. No option to chose a folder when saving a new bookmark is bad, but the worse, a bookmark copied to multiple folders, deleting this bookmark from one folder also removes from all other folders, which makes collection management impossible.

Download Synfig for Mac —

And it seems abandoned, long time since last update. Nice that Stache syncs across devices via iCloud but no smart folders and limited viewing capabilities no table view or sorting. We too use Stache for all our bookmarking needs and this has also prevented us from using the product. If you wish, you can export your bookmarks out of Stache macOS using the ‘Export’ function.

We hope we can resurrect the project in the future and sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused. For the record, I want to say that Stache was a great app back when it was still in development, years ago. Additionally on my Mac, there is a.

Synfig Studio supports importing vector drawings from SVG files.

As most designers, our logo designer Kristaps Kuhalskis uses the proprietary Adobe InDesign. I could not find a way for converting the native .ai files to SVG using only free software. We also received a (potentially lossy) EPS export. Converting from EPS to SVG using Inkscape is a piece of cake, importing into Synfig as well.

We leave the part of getting your path data into Synfig to you. It is not the focus of that article.

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