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TrafficMonitor for Windows

TrafficMonitor for Windows

Avast free antivirus

TrafficMonitor allows you to freely view the network, CPU and memory performance of your Windows device. It’s a free app from developer zhongyang219. Though it’s possible to see the same information with the built-in Windows utility, TrafficMonitor supplies a simpler interface which is particularly useful for less technical users.

It’s also visually a bit more appealing than the Windows tool because you can apply a custom skin to the user interface. You can make the theme and fonts of TrafficMonitor to blend in with the colour scheme of your computer too. For extra convenience, you can select the option to show TrafficMonitor in your computer’s taskbar. If you only want to monitor your device’s network performance, Network Monitor 3.4 or SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor are both great options.

Where can I get TrafficMonitor?

You can download it safely for free from any reliable source.

TrafficMonitor isn’t available through any curated store, so we strongly recommend that you get it from our suggested source. Since the program is freely available, downloading the files from other sites could increase the risk of unknowingly installing malware or other threats.

Does TrafficMonitor take up much storage?

No, it’s a lightweight application. The whole file containing the program is only 6.8 megabytes. Therefore, there won’t be much impact on your PC’s storage space or performance.

Is TrafficMonitor malware?

As long as you download it from a reputable source as we’ve suggested, you’ll have no problem with malware, PUPs or any other threats.

How do I remove TrafficMonitor?

As TrafficMonitor isn’t installed from the Windows Store, it’s not just a case of right-clicking on the app and selecting ‘Uninstall’. Despite that, it’s still simple to remove from your computer.

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The first thing you need to do is go to the location where the file was saved on your PC. The easiest way to find it is to click on the start button on your desktop and start typing the name of the program.

When you see the program folder in the search results, click on it, and then, delete the whole folder. If you’re sure you want to permanently remove it, go to the Recycle Bin and empty it.

Monitor your network traffic

While there’s nothing to suggest that TrafficMonitor is an essential app, it still adds a bit of fun to a usually plain utility and provides easy access by allowing you to pin it to your taskbar. In our view, TrafficMonitor is a simple desktop tool for monitoring your device’s performance.

#1 Steps To Install Traffic Monitor Float View via BlueStacks On Windows & Mac

BlueStacks is a virtual Android engine to run the Traffic Monitor Float View application on a computer. It has both edition EXE for Windows and DMG for Mac.

  • Firstly, go for download to install BlueStacks on PC
  • Secondly, start the engine on the computer
  • Thirdly, register or log in on the Google Play server. Or, if you have the APK, just drag it on the BlueStacks.
  • Fourthly, start searching- “Traffic Monitor Float View”. Note: if not found on the play store, then download it from below.
  • Finally, click on the Install option under the official logo of the Traffic Monitor Float View app

Bonus Tips: Most of the time, BlueStacks takes some more seconds on the first run. But don’t worry. The loading issue of Traffic Monitor Float View via BlueStacks is depending on your Internet speed and PC configuration. If you still have problems with the setup or loading process, then follow the Nox guide below.

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Подсчет трафика

Весь расход разделяется на расход мобильного интернет трафика и расход трафика через wi-fi. Настраивается на отсчетные периоды: День или Месяц. Можно настроить лимит трафика на неделю или месяц, либо вы сами настроите количество, период и день отсчета в настраиваемом меню.

Мобильный трафик

Настройка счетчика

Что интересно и полезно будет, так это то что приложение показывает потребление трафика каждого приложения и того когда вы включили роутер. Есть прогноз потребления трафика. Имеются настраиваемые виджеты серого и синего цветов.

Internet Traffic Monitor?

Remember that something as useful as the internet traffic monitoring software is almost impossible to be offered free. This is unless of course, Santa Claus and the Good Samaritan are real persons, but, unluckily enough, they are not.

internet traffic monitor


Well, if you try to search for internet traffic monitor freeware on Goggle, you’ll definitely have results of links that you could easily click. But be careful with these results. Some of them are just disguised spyware and other “malicious programs” that wouldn’t do anything good to your computer. You can still try your luck with these results, just remember, however, that if the websites they’re in look malicious, don’t even think of hitting the download button.

But hey, we’re not completely saying that it’s impossible to find free internet traffic monitor software. They may be some good ones on the internet, but they’re hard to find. One is the Netlimiter 2 Monitor, a free program that allows you to identify the source of any unexpected internet activity on your computer. Aside from having a good user interface, this software can even show hidden programs. So, where to find it (we mean, the authentic “it”)? Unfortunately, this is a question we can’t really answer.

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